MELT Method DVD Set


$45.00 CAD

The MELT Method DVD includes 3 discs (over 4 hours), including step-by-step tutorials, 8 mix-and-match sequences, and 3 full classes that you can take with MELT creator Sue Hitzmann in the comfort of your own home. Plus a 16-page illustrated Getting Started Guide, including a Getting Started Quick Start Guide, the Getting Started Self-Treatment Plan, and Special Circumstances Self-Treatment Plans, for help making MELT part of your self-care plan when you’re healing, managing a diagnosed condition, or pregnant or postpartum.

Disc 1
• Introduction to MELT
• The Method of MELTing
• Getting Started Guide
• Getting Started Treatments

Disc 2
• Rebalance Sequence
• Rebalance and Upper Body Length Sequence
• Lower Body Compression Sequence
• Neck Release Sequence
• Lower Body Length and Low Back Release Sequence
• Mini Soft Ball Hand Treatment
• Mini Soft Ball Foot Treatment

Disc 3
Three unique Maintenance Maps, so you can MELT with creator Sue Hitzmann in your own home!

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