“Just wanted you to know MELT saved me from a nasty fall today.  I missed the last step coming down some stairs when I was showing a house to some real estate clients and all of a sudden I could feel my toes gripping and I was able to keep from falling on my face!  Instead of a trip to the ER, I got a round of applause from my clients.  Thanks for all your help making MELT an everyday routine.”

Fall avoided!

Thanks so much for introducing the more gentle strategy of using the soft balls only. We are finding them effective and more comfortable! Amazed by the progress after just a few sessions. Sleeping better, bending more easily and with better balance to name just our first impressions. At ages 62 and 68 we are enthusiastic about learning more!

Better Sleep, Better Bending, Better Balance

We were so happy to have our MELT kit with us on holidays this year. Easy to carry. With the miles we put on walking through what Las Vegas has to offer for sightseeing, the Hand and Foot treatments were heavenly in rejuvenating ourselves. Thanks for the inspiration to take care of ourselves as a priority. 🙂

MELT So Great for Travel!

I AM VERY HAPPY TODAY. I have been doing the MELT Method hand and foot treatments for two weeks now. My wedding ring fits! I have not been able to wear it for years because of the resident inflammation in my fingers. THANK YOU, JEN!

Wedding Ring Fits!

MELT is unbelievable! I am blown away!!!!! I have never experienced anything like it before! The changes that I have already experienced in my body/mind on so many levels is nothing short of miraculous!! I feel as if I have been on a high ever since! I am so excited to learn more from you! Thank for sharing this information with all of us!  Much gratitude.

Blown Away

I am really enjoying MELTing and do it morning and evening.  It helps me with morning pain from my low back and evening it relaxes me for better sleep.  I am really enjoying the DVDs. They are so well done and a fantastic resource.  My massage therapist noticed that my muscle tissue felt better. I told him about the MELT classes/practice and he said “keep doing what you are doing”. Thank you so much for the sense of fun and enjoyment you brought to the classes. I could have never achieved those emotions towards practice on my own reading the book and doing the DVDs.

Massage Therapist Has Noticed Changes…

“I have been meaning to write for quite some time as I wanted to let you know that MELT has actually changed my life! I could cry, it’s that good. (more…)

Life Changed by MELT

“Before your awesome lessons, my arthritis was so bad I was popping Tylenol like candy just to get through the day.  I haven’t taken a pain-reliever in 6 months!   (more…)

Grandma on the Go…