Jen Bodmer


Howdy!  I’m Jen.  I teach simple self-treatments for performance improvement and pain relief.   I teach group classes and workshops, but my specialty is one on one lessons.  My go-to system for optimal results is a ground-breaking self-treatment system called MELT.  I have a background in psychology, an avid interest in anatomy, a lifelong relationship with sports and physical activity, and most importantly for you, a no BS approach to getting the job done.

My two great passions in life are problem-solving and pain-free living, and I believe they are intimately linked.  I use MELT because it is a perfect fit for someone who is obsessed with maximum results for minimal effort.  I am hard-wired to seek the simplest, most effective route from A to B, and I have a knack for helping others get there.

My mission is to empower you to experience more ease in your body.  I take pride in offering you clear concise instruction, patient and creative solution-finding, and unflagging determination to support you to achieve your desired results.

Whether your goal is to improve your golf swing, regain your balance, eliminate joint stiffness, enjoy your favourite sport, hike longer, run faster, sleep more soundly, recover from injury or surgery, or just to feel good in your body, I’m your gal.

Think of me as your pain-whisperer, your self-care Jiminy Cricket, your accountabili-buddy, your cheering section, and your feel-better-now strategist.

Ready to get started?