MELT Performance Roller

MELT 18" Performance Roller

MELT Performance Roller $90.00 CAD 

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The 18″ MELT Performance Roller is the only soft roller that’s the perfect size for your gym bag or travel. It is ideal for MELT Performance, a revolutionary self-care method that boosts your competitive edge and reduces the risk of injury. Significantly softer than traditional rollers, MELT rollers create a compression that is ideal for rehydrating connective tissue, the flexible support structure of your body, so you can make immediate changes and create remarkable lasting results.

  • 18 inches length
  • 5 inches diameter
  • Compact size is perfect for travel and fits in your gym bag
  • Texturized for ideal grip and precision
  • Unique cross-linked memory foam construction
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Weight tested to support up to 450 pounds
  • Simple to clean
  • latex-free
  • PLEASE NOTE:  There are some key traditional MELT techniques that are not possible with this 18″ roller because it is not long enough to support the full length of your spine.  (ie Rebalance Sequence, Upper Body Length sequence). 



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