Learn With Me

If you have a body, chances are you have pain.  Maybe right now it’s the “come and go” kind of pain.  Or perhaps it’s already pain of the “come and stay” variety.   The great news is there is something you can do about it, and I can show you how.

Private Lessons

My client roster is currently full. Please email me to be placed on the wait list. Private lessons with me are the best way to fast track your results.  Fun and informative, these sessions are part treatment, part lesson.  You’ll get immediate pain relief and performance gains, and learn how to easily replicate these results … Continue reading Private Lessons

Classes + Workshops

https://wpcomwidgets.com/render/ I am delighted to announce two new dates coming this fall, at Moving Spirit in North Vancouver.  Don’t miss your chance to learn in this exclusive small-group setting! MELT’s unique soft foam roller and treatment ball techniques bring balance to your nervous system and eliminate accumulated stress in your connective tissue.  MELT reduces pain … Continue reading Classes + Workshops

Corporate Programming

Why do your teams need MELT? How many of these activities do your employees repeatedly perform during the day:  Sitting at a desk?  Typing?  Using a computer mouse?  Looking at a computer screen?  Driving in rush hour traffic?  Lifting?  Bending?  Juggling multiple competing demands on their time, energy, and attention?  Yikes!  Every day is full … Continue reading Corporate Programming