Corporate Programming

Why do your teams need MELT?

How many of these activities do your employees repeatedly perform during the day:  Sitting at a desk?  Typing?  Using a computer mouse?  Looking at a computer screen?  Driving in rush hour traffic?  Lifting?  Bending?  Juggling multiple competing demands on their time, energy, and attention?  Yikes!  Every day is full of challenges to the body’s systems—challenges that can contribute to stress-related absenteeism, compromised performance, and injury.

MELT treats body systems that are heavily impacted by repetitive movements and stress, offsetting the negative physical effects of office activities, and preventing injury.

Participants will leave feeling calm, refreshed, and renewed and without a doubt that their health and wellness is your company’s top priority.

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My workshops deliver:

  1. Self-care techniques that target and treat the body systems most heavily compromised by stress and repetitive action
  2. Tools that empower employees to minimize their risk of workplace related illness and injury, reduce sick days, and perform their best
  3. Immediate benefits of relaxation, improved focus, and pain relief

MELT helps to treat & prevent common ailments impacting your staff:

  • Anxiety, midday fatigue, poor concentration
  • Headaches, digestive issues, insomnia/poor sleep
  • Back, shoulder and neck pain
  • plantar fasciitis, bunions, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow

Why is a MELT workshop a great addition to your employee health initiatives?

  • Physical, emotional, & mental health are deeply intertwined with job performance
  • MELT is an empowering and proactive approach to self-care
  • MELT is fun, feels good, and has immediate physical, emotional, and mental benefits
  • MELT supports natural healing capacity and ability to cope with the stressors of everyday living
  • MELT enhances the benefits of exercise/sporting performance while minimizing risk of injury

Why is a MELT workshop ideal for a workplace event? 

  • Promotes productivity—participants will leave relaxed, refreshed, and focused
  • Gentle, painless, low risk of injury
  • Can be done in a conference room
  • Can be safely performed at any level of fitness
  • MELT can be easily adapted for different levels of mobility
  • MELT is therapeutic (non-denominational, not “woo woo”)
  • Participants don’t need to change clothes (unless using rollers)
  • Programming can be scaled to fit into a standard lunch hour