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MELT’s unique soft foam roller and treatment ball techniques bring balance to your nervous system and eliminate accumulated stress in your connective tissue.  MELT reduces pain and inflammation, improves balance and core stability, increases flexibility and range of motion, sharpens reflexes, and enhances performance in all kinds of physical activity.

Blissful soft foam roller and small ball treatments will leave you energized, limber, and feeling fantastic.


$129. Equipment provided.

Experience MELT’s soft foam roller and small ball hand and foot treatments, and discover how to painlessly rehydrate connective tissue and allow your body to release long-held tension.  Sample cornerstone MELT techniques in a fun and relaxing taster of what this breakthrough system has to offer. 

  • 2 hours @ Artworks, 237 E 4th Ave, Vancouver

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MELT 6 Week Skill-Builder Series

$349 + equipment

Dive into MELT fundamentals in a progressive 6-week learning experience.  Begin to identify and address the four common imbalances that lead to injury and chronic pain, using the MELT treatment balls and soft foam roller.  MELT soft roller and treatment balls are required for in-class use, and for home practice between sessions. (No pre-requisite. Total beginners welcome!)

  • Target and treat stuck stress – a major cause of chronic aches and pains
  • Relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and eliminate common issues such as headaches, mid-day fatigue, insomnia, and bloating
  • Experience more mobility and ease of motion
  • Effortlessly find greater balance and stability

Improve alignment, enhance athletic performance, and keep your whole body feeling great at any age

6 Weeknights:  7:00pm – 8:15pm @ Artworks, 237 E 4th Ave, Vancouver

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