Rehydrate. It’s that simple.

Pain occurs for a lot of reasons and as we all know, it’s easy to get into pain but tough to get out of it.  Regardless of its origin, there is one surprising common thread in chronic pain: dehydrated connective tissue.  

Connective tissue is a weird and wonderful thing.  It is a global body system…it is absolutely everywhere, throughout your entire being.  It is the strange liquid scaffolding that supports, protects, and stabilizes your bones, your organs, your skin, your nervous system…the works.  Every little bit of you is suspended in this incredible fluid web.  

What early anatomists ignored as simple packing material, (the styrofoam peanuts of the body, if you will) savvy modern researchers are beginning to recognize that this misunderstood global web is actually the key to unlocking the conundrum of chronic pain.


Here it is:  connective tissue is everywhere and it’s fluid-based.  Repetitive action causes a specific kind of fluid loss in the cells of this tissue.  This dehydration makes connective tissue less dynamic and responsive, which means it can’t do its many jobs as well.  A compensation cascade begins.  Your nervous system gets cranky and it has trouble regulating itself.  Stability and movement require more effort and resources.  Internal communication breaks down.  Your body has to work harder to do less.  You recover more slowly.  You don’t sleep well.  You digest poorly.  And worst of all:  PAIN.  

Pain. Pain. Pain.  

All because of dehydration in connective tissue.

This is why people who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet still have pain.  Diet and exercise don’t address the problem of dehydration in connective tissue, and therefore do not solve the pain problem.

So where that does that leave us?

Enter MELT…the titan of self-care.  (Think Muhammed Ali, Mother Theresa, and penicillin rolled into one.)

MELT is the *only* self-care system that specifically rehydrates connective tissue.  

Yep.  I said it.  The *only*.

Not yoga.  Not cross-fit.  Not aerobics.  Not weight training.  Not running.  

All of those activities have benefits, but rehydrating connective tissue is not one of them.  (The repetitiveness of those activities actually increase dehydration, and can actually increase your pain.  Just sayin’.)

If pain is your problem, MELT is your solution.   

Got pain? Get MELT.  It’s that simple.


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