“I have been meaning to write for quite some time as I wanted to let you know that MELT has actually changed my life! I could cry, it’s that good. For all of my adult life, beginning at 20 years I have fought to live without pain, serious pain.  All these years when I come across something I would evaluate it and say to myself does it make sense, does it sound safe, is it reasonable? When I first heard about MELT I ticked all those boxes and said its worth a try. My expectations were not high as I wanted to be able to asses the results realistically, plus I’ve been so disappointed and let down by so many theories and therapies. I’m delighted to report that it is everything I had hoped for and more. The great side bar is that it has removed the fear of experiencing pain as now I know there’s something I can do to help myself.  Thanks for your enthusiasm, support and belief in what you are doing and thank Sue for seeing the power and wanting to help others help themselves.”

Life Changed by MELT